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Over 3.5 Billion Google Searches Are Made Every Day.

Find out why the web design industry is broken and how you can use New SEO to fix your website and position it for long term search engine success.

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This Is Not Another Me Too Book On SEO

The Web Design Industry Is Broken. My New SEO book Is How You Fix It.

Keyword Analysis
The heart and soul of search engine optimization is Keyword Analysis. You must know how your ideal customers search for your products and services.
Make Your Site SEO Friendly
Once you know how your ideal customers search, build a website around this behavior.
Power It With Content Driven SEO
Great content coupled with a strategic content distribution strategy is the key to sustainable search engine rankings.

Overview of NEW SEO

Typically, business owners collaborate with creative web designers to create a great looking, feature rich website with all the bells and whistles. They are doing it wrong. The is the worst way to build a revenue-generating website.

Chapter One

The Search Engine Economy

Google is no longer just a high successful tech company. It is an integral part of the global economy and a key component of the Internet infrastructure.

Chapter Two

Search Engine Algorithms

Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon...all nicknames for Google search technologies. They show you how Google ranks websites.

Chapter Three

Why Web Designers Fail

Web development is a design-driven industry where graphic designers quarterback the process. This is why the web design industry is broken.

Chapter Four

Keyword Research

Keyword analysis enables you to reverse engineer a website from your customers' search behavior. This is the key to an SEO-friendly website.

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The Testimonials

Here's what web designers and small business owners just like you are saying about New SEO:

Jane Doe

Awesome? Since the book is not out yet, we had to put something here. I'm working hard on the content to earn some great testimonial from web designers and small business owners just like you!

About The Author

A self-proclaimed 'SEO grunt' and blue collar Internet marketing consultant, for over a decade Phil Singleton has worked with hundreds of small businesses owners just like yours in developing and executing search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Phil Singleton

"After years of running a boutique web design agency and create hundreds of custom WordPress websites, I learned the hard way that the best search engine optimization starts well before the first line of computer code and even before that first home page design mockup. In New SEO, I share my strategy and tactics, showing you not only what to do to maximize search engine potential, but HOW to do it."

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The Bad News is that Web Designers are doing it wrong. The Good News: They are easy to beat! Let me show you how.

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The Search Engine Economy

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On a professional level, web design and search engine optimization are my passions. I love working with small business owners and speaking to groups about SEO trends and sharing tips and techniques that have worked for my websites and my clients. Contact me about SEO or web design, or let me know if you would like to be notified with the book is published: